Since 1991 it has been our goal here at Whispering Woods to  provide families that are looking for a summer vacation in  the Great North Woods of Wisconsin with cozy cottages at an  affordable rate. We are located right on the outskirts of  Minocqua in Lac du Flambeau, WI on the west side of Squaw  Lake. We have 4 cottages available, the Cedars  Cottage which was original built in the 1920's. It has had a  lot of work done  over the years to keep it modernized, but still  has the authentic look and feel of a cabin that is nearly 100 years old. Below you will find photos from the 1930's when the  resort was known as  "Camp Acacia." You will find the Cedars Cottage covered in snow after one of the worst storms of the  century with one of  it's previous owners shoveling snow off the rooftop. ​

 The rest of the cottages do not have nearly as much fun history behind them, but still will provide the accommodations to  suit  your family's needs. Our Birch Cottage does not have nearly as much history, but was renovated about 7 years ago and is located right on the beach of Squaw Lake. The  Pines Cottage which is our largest yet, was built about a decade later  in the early 2000's . It can hold up to 6 people comfortably and  also has large enclosed porch facing the lakeside. Our latest is the  Maples Cottage, built in 2011 and features an open kitchen dinette with new stainless steel appliances and an all knotty pine interior. To see more specifications of each cottage please             .      .

  About Us 

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Photo's of The Original Cedar's Cottage & Owner in 1934

Writing says "Cabin A7 Fenno's Camp Acacia 
Lac Du Flambeau, WIS"

Off of Squaw Lake

near Minocqua , WI

​Michael and Dianne Infusino, the current owners of Whispering Woods, have helped bring vacation joy to families visiting the North Woods for over 25 years now. Every year since 1991, the two of them commute from Kenosha ,WI  to the Minocqua area to prepare the cottages for the Summer Season. 

The Owners of  Whispering Woods